Will Contests / Challenges from outside the UK

Do you live Out of the UK? Our Services for Overseas Residents

CWPL is part of the international Inheritance Rights group of international lawyers and consultants, who are totally focussed on making will contests/challenges for their customers, and work hard to get the best results.

There are many people who need to contest/challenge a will in England who happen to live overseas, and CWPL is here to help them.

If you need to contest or challenge a will in England from overseas, we are here to help

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Why You Must Commence your will contest/challenge in England and Wales

English law applies if the deceased lived in England and Wales or had substantial assets here, and so any court action must be taken in England and Wales.

If the deceased person were domiciled in some other country or has substantial assets outside of England and Wales, legal action may need to be taken there, as well as, or instead of, in England and Wales.

We have excellent contacts all over the world, and can use our contacts with expert lawyers in other countries to manage your will contest/challenge for you.

Problems for Offshore Clients / Expatriates

Our Principal, Terry Johansson, was an expatriate for years and knows some of the problems you face. You may be worried by:

There can also be that nagging feeling that you may not have selected the right lawyer to act for you: one who is really focused on Will contests/challenges.

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