In 3 simple steps we can inform you if you qualify to make a will contest/challenge without obligation:

  1. Initial Review

    We guide you on whether you should qualify to make a will contest/challenge, and what to do, right there on the phone, for free.

    If you do not know when a death has been recorded, whether a probate has been issued, whether a will exists, or what the will means, call us here at CWPL.

    We can often help find out for you, and our help is free if you decide not to proceed with us.

  2. Initial Meeting

    We follow up with a face to face meeting with you at one of over 100 locations in the UK, without obligation to you.

    This meeting is free if you don’t proceed with your will contest/challenge through CWPL. If we cannot meet in person, we will hold this initial meeting by phone or Skype, at our cost.

  3. Full Case Assessment

    If you have a good case, we will confirm that you are eligible to claim, review your chances of success, and almost always offer you our No Win No Fee Plan. If we cannot help you, we will not charge you a penny.

    contest a will in the uk

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