How our fees are charged

How are CWPL’s fees charged: our standard fee and our Uplift Fee

Under our No Win No Fee Plan, our legal fees are charged in a Conditional Fee Account. We could also charge an Uplift Fee if there is a successful outcome.

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Our Conditional Fee Account for No Win No Fee customers

Our Conditional Fee Account lists the charges for our legal work for 3 main items: Professional Fees, Expenses, and VAT. This information will be detailed in our Litigation Disclosure Statement.

  1. Professional Fees

    Our legal fees for our professional work depends on the level of our staff who work on your claim, the time involved to do the work, the complexity of the work, whether we can settle the claim before mediation, and various other factors we will set out in our Litigation Disclosure Statement. These fees are set in the light of the fact that CWPL’s staff are experts and highly experienced in will contests/challenges.

  2. VAT

    We add VAT to each of the above components.

  1. Expenses

    These are our charges for barristers’ fee, court fees, delivery charges, agents’ fees and other expenses that we must pay to process your claim, plus our office and administration charges. The out of pocket expenses are charged at cost, after any rebate of VAT is claimed back.

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Our legal fees for all of these items are totalled and set out in our Conditional Fee Account.

We will give you the details of how we will charge, and set out our hourly rates, when we open a file for you and send you our Initial Disclosure Statement.

We would re-confirm these once we send you our Litigation Disclosure Statement.

We call our account for these fees a Conditional Fee Account because we cannot charge you a fee unless the value of the remaining Settlement Monies paid/provided to you by the estate/defendant are sufficient to cover the fees we propose to charge.

After we deduct the amount of our Conditional Fee Account from the Settlement Monies, and then deduct our Uplift Fee, you get the rest!

Our Uplift Fee for No Win No Fee customers

Under our No Win No Fee Plan, we charge an Uplift Fee in addition to our Conditional Fee Account, but only if your claim is successful (i.e. there is a successful outcome as set out in the CFA) and if there are sufficient Settlement Monies remaining after we have deducted our Conditional Fee Account.

The Uplift Fee will be charged at 50% of the Professional Fee component of our Conditional Fee Account. It is not calculated on the Expenses. VAT is added to our Uplift Fee.

Our Uplift Fee is also a contingency fee, just like our Conditional Fee Account, because we cannot charge you an Uplift Fee unless there are sufficient Settlement Monies remaining to cover it, after we have deducted our Conditional Fees Account.

Recovering part of your Uplift Fee. If a claimant is successful, the court will usually order that the Estate reimburse part of the Uplift Fee, which can greatly reduce the impact of the Uplift Fee for you.

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