Defending an estate from a will contest/challenge

The Executor must deal with an will contest/challenge

Are you an Executor of an estate? Then CWPL understands the problems you may face.

If there is a will contest/challenge, the claimant will take legal action against you as executor of the estate, and you will be responsible for dealing with it.

If legal issues arise, you will almost certainly need expert legal advice, to work out what to do.

On the one hand you must make all reasonable efforts to settle the will contest/challenge, but at the same time you must do your best to uphold the provisions of the will.

If you fail to act correctly, this could result in legal action also being taken against you by disappointed beneficiaries. They may even try to claim against you personally, and claim that you must pay any damages from our own pocket.

A will contest being signed

If legal issues arise, you will almost certainly need expert legal advice.

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Our focus on will contests/challenges can help the executor

CWPL is here to walk you through this minefield. As our lawyers act for so many people who are making a will contest/challenge against an estate, we are perfectly positioned to see the case from your side, as well as from the claimant’s perspective.

Our experience often enables us to readily anticipate what the claimants may want, and what their bargaining strategy is.

The questions you can face as an executor are wide ranging, so we have listed them under 3 different headings.

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