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This is the site for information on how to contest or challenge a will.

Sometimes this process is called a “contested probate” or an “inheritance claim”, or a “will dispute”, but they are exactly the same things.

Whatever description is used, a will contest/challenge involves a person commencing a claim against the executor or administrator of a deceased person’s estate. The claim is that the will (or if there is no will, the “intestacy”) of the deceased person failed to make proper provision for the claimant.

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Benefits of a will contest

People who make a successful will contest/challenge can receive a number of benefits, including:

A will contest/challenge story

A useful way to illustrate what is involved in a will contest/challenge is by example. We have prepared a story that sets out what can occur with a typical will contest/challenge: click here.

It tells the story of a man called John who was cut out of his mother’s will, when his mother left all of her estate to her other son, William.

The story shows how John was able to receive a pay-out from his mother’s estate by proving his continuing relationship with her, despite the distances he faced, and the fact that his mother tried to cut contact with him.

John was able to use the Award made by the court to help establish himself for the next chapter of his life.

Recent Cases

You can also learn more about will contests/challenges by looking at a summary of recent cases that our Principal, Terry Johansson has been involved in.

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