Contested Wills and Probate Lawyers (CWPL) aims to provide its customers with everything they need to get the best results from contesting or challenging a will, with no financial risk on their legal fees.

Many people who are left out of wills find that they cannot enforce their inheritance rights because they cannot afford to pay their legal fees up front, especially when they have no guarantee as to whether they will “win” or “lose”.

If you wish to contest or challenge a will, CWPL is there to help you. We are a specialised firm of solicitors, offer top service, and full legal funding for your case so you need pay not a penny from your own pocket.

Call us on (020) 7127 4599 for an initial review and see if you qualify.

If you then decide not to ask us to be your solicitors in the claim, the initial review is free. Our Principal, Terry Johansson, is highly regarded by his clients: see some client testimonials. Call us now! You have nothing to lose.

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A little more about us…

  1. CWPL:the first choice
  2. Not Traditionalwe're different
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First Choice as lawyers for your will contest/challenge

Terry Johansson

The amount you can receive from your will contest/challenge often depends on whether you have the best legal advice. You need lawyers with a lot of energy and resilience, or your claim may suffer.

Choosing a law firm to act for you can be difficult.

If you do not know when a death has been recorded, whether a probate has been issued, whether a will exists , or what the will means, call us here at CWPL.

We can often help find out for you, and our help is free if you decide not to proceed with us.

CWPL: Not a traditional law firm

A will being signed

There are many law firms who will commence a will contest/challenge in England for you, but CWPL sets a whole new standard of service:

  • quick initial advice and guidance: free if you decide not to proceed with us
  • Formal Assessment of your case, and we will usually offer you our No Win No Fee Plan if you have a good case
  • reasonable fees and good value to you: fees only payable if we can recover them from the Estate/Defendant
  • London service, at an office near you
  • friendly and easily accessible staff
  • we are a firm of lawyers authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Prefer someone to manage your will contest/challenge for you?

ICL Screenshot

If you do not wish to deal directly with lawyers, we can refer you to Inheritance Claims Limited (ICL) who can manage your claim, "start to finish".

You deal with ICL:

ICL manages the claim, and ICL also manages the lawyers for you.

Visit Inheritance Claims Limited to find out more about their unique service.